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Open Salt Lake // 2018 Reboot

Hi all, Rachel Stone here. I care about how civic tech works for public good, and thought Open Salt Lake had gone quiet for too long. After great conversations with its founders, I’m pleased to report we’re in for a reboot.

Please say hello in this form with any thoughts for OSL’s future, along with skills / passions of yours!

Note: I’m looking for a co-Captain who’s comfortable with (learning the) technical side of development and has some spare time. Wanna know who you’re working with?

Keep an eye on Meetup for a reboot party in Jan 2018. In the meantime, reach out to opensaltlake@gmail.com and Slack. See ya soon, civic techies!

Code for America Summit 2014

The  2014 Code for America Summit was September 22-25, 2014. Code for America is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco , Code for America believes government can work for the people, by the people in the 21st century. This was the fourth year of the Summit, and the event’s growth, energy and spirit of collaboration reflected the mood of the civic tech movement.  There’s great progress being made – and so much more to be done! Watch CfA founder Jen Pahlka’s welcome keynote, where she sums up where the organization is headed.

It was quite the 3 days:

Here is a sample of a few presentations which I thought were especially good, but check out the list to see if one speaks to you:

Digital Government: Not Complicated, Just Hard

Challenge and Partnership: Government IT and Civic Tech

Designing For and With People: Building a Digital Front Door

The Responsive City (This presentation discusses a future where fiber is the norm)

Thank you everyone who supports the Open Salt Lake Brigade this is an exciting time to get involved with your local government and realize that government can work for the people, by the people in the 21st century.

Code Across America Planning Meet-Up

Your local Code for America Brigade, Open Salt Lake,  would like to invite you to the planning of our Code Across America event.   We hope that you will join us Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 6pm for our event planning discussion to further enable such collaboration.  The planning session will be held at 6pm at the Salt Lake City and County Building – 451 S. State St, room 126. If you can’t make it in person please consider attending via our Google Hangout. Please RSVP at our meetup.com site, http://www.meetup.com/Open-Salt-Lake/. Continue reading Code Across America Planning Meet-Up